Our general meetings are held at Daddy's Grill on Tampa Road at 6:30 the first Tuesday of each month unless specified otherwise. The topic for the meeting will be Establishing Standard Comments for Home Inspection Reports in this area. We will be discussing some of the standard comments each of us use in our reports to clarify what we inspect or don't inspect, standard safety concerns, and standard disclaimers on various topics that we use in our reports. Since there may be hundreds or even thousands of these comments we are asking that each person that plans on attending the meeting please send Kevin Koplar five or so of your favorite comments or topics that you have questions on and we will try to go through as many of these as we can and develop standards that we all can use. I have added a few examples below that Steve Acker has provided, as an example.

A visual home inspection cannot determine if all inspections were done and all required permits were closed during renovations. Check with the local building department if necessary.

Creosote build-up at the fireplace flue and damper that needs professional cleaning prior to future use. The flue above the smoke shelf cannot be seen during a visual home inspection.

All tested major appliances are functional. It is recommended that all contractually included appliances be tested again prior to closing.

It is recommended that the older, rubber type washing machine hoses be replaced/upgraded. Only stainless steel jacket type hoses are recommended. Black rubber type lines are only recommended for 5 years of service.

This inspection does not include function of water treatment systems. A separate evaluation by a water treatment specialist is recommended.

There is no evidence that the main drain, lateral had been updated. Eventual replacement of the original, buried main drain piping may be needed, in the near future.

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We typically meet the first Tuesday of most months, at 6:30pm. During our meetings we have presentations on subjects related to home inspections and general business as well as dinner and camaraderie with fellow members and local professionals.